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" You don't come into a monastery with ambitions. Ambition is something you leave behind. "



For this i long.

Divine Liturgy

It is time for the Lord to act.

Cooking with Basil

Good salads take a while.

The ARts

Beauty will save the world.

The Lord's House

You are God's building.


Monasticism does not exist as an abstraction. Buildings, Rules of Life, and traditions remain dead unless they are given meaning through human actions. Monasticism must be lived, incarnated in the daily life of specific communities of real men or women. For it is the community, not the buildings or the concept, that constitutes the monastery.

In our skete at Jacob's Falls, on the shore of Lake Superior in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula, we devote ourselves to a common life of prayer and work for the praise, love, and service of God and for the upbuilding of His Kingdom through the Arts.
The long days of summer are filled with labor as we provide jam, baked goods, and confections for the many visitors to our area who crowd into our Jampot. One enters the life of our monastic family by degrees. A man interested in our life comes to us first as an observer. Retreats here (of several days to a week) provide the opportunity of becoming acquainted with the life, prayer, and work of the monastery.
God created man in His image; In the divine image He created him, male and female He created them. Like our Creator, we are also creative beings; the Lord has endowed each one of us with special gifts that must be used to good advantage. As our growth permits, we hope to serve as a resource for the training of church artists and the artistic education of religious and clergy.

The Marquette Cinema Coalition

We are a joint collaboration of cinematic artists. The Watchtower Projections of Baraga's Watchman seek to openly proclaim and portray the light of truth, through beauty, in a darkened and often delusional age. Gchild Productionz is the creative consciousness of Jeffrey M Geniesse. An entity of cinematic and artistic conception – whose ultimate desire is to bring about inspiration, through the expressions of beauty and truth.

Baraga's Watchman

Watchtower Projections

Project the Light of Truth.


Cinematic Artists


Gchild Productionz

Creative Director

You are what your actions prove you to be.



“ A book read by a thousand different people, is a thousand different books. ” - Andrei Tarkovsky




Beauty will save the world.


Action !



The Monastic Vocation

" Come, and see. "

The Monastery


Jacob's Falls



The Arts

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Contact the Monks

For anyone interested in the possibility of a vocation to the monastic life, we offer discernment retreats of up to a week in length, throughout the year. Please write or email us with some information about yourself and details regarding scheduling a visit.

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"Do not dwell on who you are when you come in, but who you are becoming, as a monk."

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